Friday, November 17, 2017

Komikon the 13th

Thirteen is a lucky number. As this year is Komikon's 13th event, Kiko Machine's 13th book was released. It is the first time for me to attend this event though!

One of the reasons why I wanted to go was to get my copy of Collegium Vitae from Buhay Kolehiyo. I got a free sketch of Salle and stickers too! 

Sir Robert Wong aka EvaGuy01

I love stickers and this event has a lot of them. I was really struggling to make sure I don't buy too many. It was also a chance for me to have the stories in my Kommunity signed.
Fandom Feels PH awesome stickers
Ms. Ivyree Rosario of Little Things PH was so nice. I really wish I had enough to get the shirts they have for sale.

Here is another reason why I wanted to attend, Kiko Machine's 13th book. I wanted to get it as soon as it was available for the number fan I know personally. Yes, it is for Sherome. 

Fanboy Sherome and Sir Manix Abera
Going to Komikon was AWESOME. I should have done this before! Shout out to the admins of Dito sa Mundong Kiko for the free Iced Gems!

Komikon Haul

Takaraya: Hot Pot Heaven

The weekend is coming up, do you have plans? Why not have a fest at Takaraya Authentic Japanese cuisine and Fusion. Located along Mabini Street, Malate. You can easily bring your family and friends.

Their menu is filled with awesome Japanese food! From sushi, salads, breaded pork, tempura, ramen and hotpots!

Top to bottom: California Maki, Pink Dragon Roll, Crazy Tuna Roll
Food presentation as most people would say, it is IG worthy. All of the said rolls are tasty! However,  Crazy Tuna Roll won my heart because it is spicy!

Pari - Pari Salad

Salmon Nanban

I got to try the following salads: Pari - Pari Salad and Kani Salad (I don't have a photo). The Pari - Pari Salad was interesting has it had crispy noodles as the main ingredient. If you love Salmon, you will love it even more after you taste the Salmon Nanban. It was easy to bite and the sauce is such a great pair with the fried salmon. I will never see salmon in the same way again!

Look at all that delicious food!
I always save the best for last! I have never tried hot pot before and I'm glad Takaraya's Beef Hotpot in Sukiyaki Soup is simply awesome! For only Php 450, 3 or more people can enjoy warm Sukiyaki soup with vegetables and beef. It is perfect for the rainy season!

The owner is really, really nice! The staff are inviting and the atmosphere of the place is relaxing. It is definitely a great place to relax after a hard day's work or Family bonding time.

You should go there soon! I just read that they have another promo! 50% off their sushi rolls from Nov 15 to 18!  You can check their Facebook page for more information!

Happy Eating!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Breakout Philippines: Greenbelt 5

Two years ago, I have reviewed Breakout Philippines' Paragon Branch. I'm not sure what changed but I'm glad they did. Thank you, October babies for the treat!

You have to be there 15 minutes before your schedule. There will be a briefing of what you can and can't do inside the room. You also, need to sign a waiver.

Once done, you will asked to leave your stuff in a locker. You can't bring flashlight, phones or cameras in the room. You have to disconnect from the outside world. 

It will be girls vs boys
There are are 4 themed rooms in the Greenbelt branch. Paranoia, Corpse Bride, Accidental Agent and The Island. For the boys, they tried their luck with Paranoia. The girls were locked up in a dressmaker's shop in Corpse Bride.

The boys completed their room and the girls, well we were kinda #TrappedForever. It was a lot better that what I have experienced with their main branch, 2 years ago. For now, they get 3 thumbs up!

Here is a tip: You're doing great. If you feel like you missed a step believe me you did not. Also, I would like to add some suggestions:

1. Sound-proof the rooms. It is weird to hear the other people trying to solve their respective room.
2. Make sure that the props are loyal to the story. In both the rooms we tried there are things that will remind you that you are still in the present day.
3. Of you will be trapped forever. Have the room's light turn off and don't let the people out to quickly. To get a sense of despair.

If you feel like trying one of their room you can book it on this link:

Oh! I forgot you get to have souvenir photos (Grabbed from their FB page):

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Komiket: Highlights

Komket is a play on Komiks and market. The best part the logo is a comet cat! So, what is Komiket about? It is a venue for indie comic book artist and illustrators to market their artworks.

I was there on the second day to support Cheachan, she was part of Komikids' table. Sadly, I did not get to see her there. I left early to save my wallet from awesome fan arts for sale.

The other reason why I was there super early was for the free "Kommunity" a collection of short comics from well-known comic book artist and artists that gain popularity online. 

I also got a few stickers from Misha, Mod Jojo of Buhay KolehiyoLumi Skullgurl, and Hunghang Flashbacks

I seriously could have gotten more mech but it would have killed off my budget. So, on the next Komiket I will be ready! See you all on Feb 24-25 2018!

Also check out this pun-tastic stickers from Misscornception