Monday, July 16, 2018

I'm drowning

Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

There is so much to do all of a sudden, and so much to pay...

I think I have a new job starting soon. But there are requirements that might put it on hold. Like the background check, apparently, the school may no talk to the third-party background checker if they do not provide the right papers like the complete TOR and diploma. I don't have those with me as I still have a balance to settle.

Now, with all these things plus the jitters of a new task and the already crazy status of my life. I seriously feel like I'm drowning. Before writing about this things makes me feel better but right now, nothing. Nothing is making sense and it is not helping. I really just feel lost at sea and I'm about to accept that I will be going soon.

How can people stay afloat in this mess? Is this depression?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Do you agree with the text on the photo?


I do!

I don't like the idea that the more child you have the richer you are. As it may be true with some families but it will still depend on how well you teach them about life. They are your investment but not in a monetary aspect as they will carry your genes for as long as they live and they can pass it on. The time you had spent with them may well be the time they will spend with you in the future.

I believe that if you teach kids the necessary skills to succeed they will be for every grateful. Don't force them to the future you want to have. Instead, show them that with what they have now they can be great in the future. In this way, they can grow knowing that without you they could have done something else that can break the great future they have.

They are your fruit it is your responsibility to let them grow and you need to protect them. It is like taking care of a tree you let it grow and bear fruit but don't ever think that it will always be there without the proper care.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Silventures: National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum for Natural History opened last May 18, 2018. It has been almost 2 months now since it open and I finally got to visit it. 

What can you see inside? Most are displays of animals found in the Philippines. You can also find the bones of the largest saltwater crocodile that lived in the Philippines. 

Lolong's bones with a photo bomber
The galleries are themed according to the environment or a group of animals. Mangroves, rainforest and beaches.

I did not know we had a deer in the Ph
There is a room dedicated for the Naturalist, people of science that helped us learn more things about nature and the creatures living in it.

At the center of the building is the "Tree of Life" which is suppose to look like DNA or the building block of life, does the name. However, the center does not look like DNA. To be honest it looks like a big coil that can generate electricity to me.

He is wondering about the name too.
Read the captions... I think they are funny:

"Ate kunan mo nga ako ng pic!"

"ano ba naman tong shared Airbnb na to ang daming ng rent"

"Parang hang out lang daw yun trabaho. Literal pala yun hang" 

"Buti pa si Lolong hindi na iiwan mag isa"

"Mas na kakatawa kaya yun mukha mo!"

"Hu! Nakakagulat ka!"

Friday, July 6, 2018

When in Baguio!

Jollibee will welcome you! So, last weekend I was with my partner and his family in Baguio! This is the first time I'm on an out of town trip with relatives of my partner. This is one heck of a step for me. To be honest, I was dead scared to go, then I remembered that I wanted to go to Baguio with him. I was not there the first time he visited. I just want to be there with him, enjoying the cold weather.
One of the views along Marcos Highway
First stop, Lion's head in Kennon Road. After the landslide in the area June, a part of it was closed. You can only visit this spot when you get to Baguio via Marcos Highway and travel for about an hour to get to it. The place was empty, this was my second time here and I was surprised that we were the ones there. 

That is why I have this awesome photo!
We stayed in this awesome transient house located in Middle Rock Quarry. The owner of the place was nice. The house was warm and comfortable. Just a bit old, there are rooms under the living room so you can hear footsteps. The house was really close to two tourist spots.

Check out our pad for 3 days!

Strawberry Taho in the morning is great!
Our house was just 10 minutes away from Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and from the Grotto it was only 15 minutes to the Old Diplomat Hotel. It will feel like a lot longer as the roads are going up. 

The altar after 252 steps

Fountain at the Old Diplomat Hotel

Yap! That's Sherome there!

Logbook showing Ms. Sharon Cuneta's signature 
We stayed in Baguio for 3 days and it was just great except for the occasional rain in the afternoon. We also visited Mines' View Park, The Mansion, Wright Park, The Botanical Garden and Burnham Park during day two! Before going home we visited the Strawberry farm and the Bell Church!