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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Komiket: Highlights

Komket is a play on Komiks and market. The best part the logo is a comet cat! So, what is Komiket about? It is a venue for indie comic book artist and illustrators to market their artworks.

I was there on the second day to support Cheachan, she was part of Komikids' table. Sadly, I did not get to see her there. I left early to save my wallet from awesome fan arts for sale.

The other reason why I was there super early was for the free "Kommunity" a collection of short comics from well-known comic book artist and artists that gain popularity online. 

I also got a few stickers from Misha, Mod Jojo of Buhay KolehiyoLumi Skullgurl, and Hunghang Flashbacks

I seriously could have gotten more mech but it would have killed off my budget. So, on the next Komiket I will be ready! See you all on Feb 24-25 2018!

Also check out this pun-tastic stickers from Misscornception

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Review: Sweety Galaxy Blue

Sweety Galaxy Blue from Gwyshop
Finally, after so long I have a new pair of contact lens. Introducing Sweety Galaxy Blue, it looks like you have a galaxy on your eyes. It come in pink, brown, gray, purple and blue.

In daylight

It's pretty comfortable to wear. It did feel weird at first as it has been a long time since a last worn contact lenses. The color really pops out but it does not look weird if you want to wear it daily.

room/elevator light (lol)
I do recommend this pair if you are planning to cosplay someone with blue eyes as it will look more natural. It is vivid without the non-human looking eyes. It has a 14.5 diameter making your eyes look bigger and doll-like.

with flash
Just a reminder, if this is your first time to wear contact lenses, don't wear them for more than 4 hours. You need to get use to it first. Yes you need to break-in your first pair. Also, make sure that you will use the same contact lens solution you have used for the first time to avoid irritation.

me wearing just one of the lens

Oh My GLOB!: Adventure Time Happy Meal Toys

Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys
It started with this post the post of Mcdonald's. It features toys from the popular TV series, Adventure Time! Eight toys with mini-games. Filipinos noticed and started sharing the photo, tagging people that love the series. The problem was it was only available in Malaysia.

He bought 3 happy meals so I can have the 3 toys

I have message Mcdonald's Philippine page about these toys, as I was being redirected to their page whenever I click the page name. I told them that they should have these toys available in the Philippines as well as most of the comments on the Malaysian page are from Filipinos that are interested to get the toys. 

After two weeks or so, they posted the photo above, they listen! Maybe not maybe it was really due to come to the Philippines at that point I did not care. I just want to collect all the 8 toys! Have you collected them all?

BMO: Face cards and a puzzle game

Finn: Ball maze with different backgrounds

Ice King: Pin ball game

Jake: Tic-Tac-Toe game

Lady Rainicorn: Coloring pages

LSP: Water Ring Toss

Marcelline: Guitar sounds

Princess Bubblegum: Pin ball game

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cosmania 2017 Highlights

You don’t need to leave the country to experience a grand anime and cosplay event. Cosplay Mania has it all for you. Held last September 30 to October 1 at Function rooms 1-5, SMX Convention Center. This is the biggest Cosmania ever since it started in 2008.

The event officially opened before noon. There were a lot of anime and cosplay enthusiast present. All of them excited to enjoy the event, meet their idols and win prizes!

If you were one of the first 500 people, you were entitled to play Cosplay Con-Quest. It is indeed a great way to explore the event. If you finish the game early, your prize awaits you at the Prize Redemption Booth located at the Show Management Office.

Toys, cute items, and fan art on sale—you'll get to see all of those. Did we already mention that Cosmania is also a great time to meet up with online sellers that are also exhibitors for 2 days? There are discounts and freebies from on-site shops that you can avail as well!

For two days, people got to see some of their favorite characters come to life. From anime, western comics, computer games, and movies—it is fun to see people with the same cosplay face each other!
International guests were also present to grace the event. Anime Director Sayo Yamamoto and Anime Producer Fuuko Noda joined in for a panel discussion. Voice Actors, Koutaro Nishiyama and Wataru Hatano, were there as well for a fan panel.

Top: Angie and Kong
Bottom: Eki
Cosplayers from Asia and Canada came to meet their Filipino fans. Angie from Malaysia, Kong and Eki from South Korea, Siutao from Hong Kong, Knitemaya from Australia, and Hikarin from Canada stunned everyone with their costumes, acts on stage, and makeup tutorial.

From ELISA's Facebook Page
This year’s Jam concert featured Anisong artists, Konomi Suzuki, kradness, ELISA, Shiena Nishizawa. Attendees were able to jam with these amazing artists for two days! You can tell that the people enjoyed the concert. The floor was shaking from the attendees that were jumping during the concert.

Videoke and Chicken Joy Cosplayers
There were a few setbacks, but all in all, it was an enjoyable event! Looking forward to a better Cosmania 2018! Time to go back to our usual favorites!