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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Food Tripping: Lizzy at MOA

Welcome to the new Lizzy Latte!

It has been two years since I have been to Lizzy Latte! I have been monitoring their page since then. I know that for sometime now they had closed the store in Makati with a promise to come back to a new place. I have waited patiently for updates. You should have seen may face when I read this post

I work in Makati and seriously their branch in Salcedo was just an eight-minute walk from my office. Sadly, out time never synced. So, now that they are at SM by the Bay and they have longer operating hour, I will definitely have more chances to visit them. 

We were told that they are still on soft opening mode. I'm glad to see that people are noticing them even though they have not advertised the place in full blast. It is somewhere between Grilla and Razon's.

Mocha Mint Marvel

Green Tea Grandeur

The dorks
So, for this Food Tripping blog, I was with Cindell and Sherome. I got Mocha Mint Marvel Habitual and they both ordered Green Tea Grandeur Habitual. Sizing guide for cold drinks: Habitual I think can match up to SB's Grande and Addicted is their version of Venti.

Truffle Parmesan Fries

Truffle Parmesan Fries

Free Oreo Cheesecake*
Food! OMG! The Truffle Parmesan Fries is love. Look at the photo again makes me hungry. The potato was awesome the skin was crisp but the inside was moist! Also, we got free cake for being nice. Kidding! It was a complementary cake for being customer in the Makati branch. I just love the fact that the owner was so nice to give us free cake, even though they have just opened. It is not everyday that you get to encounter someone like that. 

Sherome also ordered Spaghetti with Meat Balls and it was heaven as well! It will pair well with the Truffle Parmesan Fries. Our friend Cris, came late, she ordered Blueberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Velvet. 

Next time we visit, I think I will get myself a cup of green tea latte with 3D latte art and mozzarella sticks! I can't wait for their Grand opening on July 17, I hope I remembered it correctly.
Spaghetti with Meat Balls 

Blueberry Cheesecake
Picture time:

Photo Op!
A new dork

The walls still sport the same color scheme from the Makati branch. The mural now though it depicts the sites you can see in and around the Mall of Asia and people that are most likely close to the owner. The chandeliers were missing as Ms Liz said that she did not want guys to feel that Lizzy Latte was for girl only. 

Mood lighting in the restroom
Sorry for the dark group pic.
Have you been to Lizzy Latte in MOA? How was it? Did you leave your feedback on their golden notebook? Don't you just like the way they serve the guest as if they were serving a friend!

Don't forget to visit their social media accounts!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Silventures: The World of Coffee

The passport to the event

Starbucks was busy this weekend with their Coffee Appreciation Festival held at Glorietta 2 Activity Center. The event is about the different coffee beans they offer and the methods of brewing coffee. Getting is was simple you need to have a Starbucks Card. Get your passport get stamped and you are off to learn more about your breakfast drink.


Let's get this started

So, they have featured, beans from Kenya, Sumatra, Columbia and Cafe Vinta. The first three stations you can get a stamp on your passport for your freebies. There where a lot of trivia about coffee and the machines used you brew coffee to get a different flavor every time. I enjoyed the coffee tasting, I just have to remember next time to have water with me and eat before tasting coffee.

 Check the crowd and the displays:
reason why coffee from the highlands is different from the ones in lower grounds

Coffee Vinta station
Coffee art
I like this piece a lot. This is Rise and Shine by Rev Cruz

Demo for the AeroPress
The AeroPress is a simple machine that I think you can use while on the go. You just need hot water and your ground coffee beans. The taste of the coffee for me is similar to the instant coffee we have but with this you are sure that you are using pure coffee beans. Although, this is ideal for personal use only.

Demo for the Siphon Brewing Process

Siphon Brewing Process is just so amusing

If you are a coffee loving artist, this is the type of process you will like. According to Coffe Master Ana, Siphon is a theatrical way to make coffee. I mean look at that set up. Also, this is not for someone that is in a  hurry. It highlights the actual taste of the coffee you are brewing.

Chemex Demo
The Chemex Brewing method is simple just like the AeroPress. For me, it does take more time than the AeroPress, but it does not give me the feeling that I'm forcing the flavors out of the coffee grounds. You need to place your filter and coffee on the brewer that looks like a pitcher and slowly pour hot water on the coffee. It is relaxing to see the coffee drip from the filter too.

Sparkling Coffee Lemonade
I waited for the last station to serve this one. Sparkling Coffee Lemonade is Starbucks' newest product. Lately, people are in to machines that carbonate your water for you. This follows the same method, but SB carbonated everything not just the water. I like this one, too bad only selected SB has them.

Done with the stamps

Short Video of the Siphon brew demo:

This was a great event. I love learning new things. However, I did forget to ask what is the best brewing method and coffee bean from someone who is acidic as me. Maybe next time I see a Coffee Master, I can ask. :)

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Food Tripping: Stairway Cafe and Salon

If you are looking for a place to get a make over over coffee, then this place is for you! Stairway Cafe and Salon is located in Kawit, Cavite. I think they have been operating since February. I'm glad I got to visit this place while it is still blossoming!

The assistant foodie
We got there at around 4pm on a payday Wednesday. The place not yet crowded, which was good as when we got assisted to our "table" we asked to be move to another table, being under the air conditioner is not a good idea. XD

Check out their menu:
You can check it on their site too
View from our table
Once we got settled, we started to do the live video for my page. Please excuse our dorkiness, this was a first for my sister and me. I really liked the ambience of the place. I feel like I can go there alone and just enjoy my coffee.

Okay on to the food! We both got Tapsilog, which was my bad, I should have gotten something else so that we can taste more of what they had to offer, but I has so excited that I could not decide properly. For out drinks, I got the Smores Mocha Frappe and my sister picked Salted Caramel Frappe. We also got Cheesy Fries because potatoes with cheese it is love.

Smores Mocha Frappe
Smores Mocha Frappe

Salted Caramel Frappe and Smores Mocha Frappe
Cheesy Fries
Yes we love this!
Stairway Cafe's Tapsilog
The tapsilog was good! It was a bit sweet for me though. Yes, I'm a salty eater. We took our time with the food after all we wanted to stay longer. After all, was bonding time for my sister and me. the staff was nice too. I saw a sign that said self service when it comes to the utensils and condiments, but they were still the ones that handed it to us. I was kinda worried that it was not their job to take our order and such, it seem that it was okay to ask them from time to time.

Blueberry Soda
Stairway Soda - Blueberry 

Stairway Cafe Nachos
We got additional food as I did not want to stay there without food with us. Food is life. The blueberry soda was cool with the nachos. We got a free sample of their waffle! It is not yet in the menu but they told me that they will add it soon.

Free sample Waffle
Free Waffle
While we were there, I was able to teach my sister about Scrabble and we got to play a bit of Uno. Here are more photos. I will have to admit that it is a bit pricey but I think it is worth it. Best part, the cafe is open 24/7!

game face on
While waiting photo
More while waiting photo
Yes, she is one happy kid with her food

Have you been to Stairway Cafe and Salon? What do you think about it? Don't forget to check out there social media accounts.