Saturday, January 12, 2019

This is my year-end review 2018

What a year! Filled with mass resignation, losing a phone, being a noob at work again, food, trips, anime, and heartbreaks. I would be going in details coz I don't remember things well.

I think this was a balanced year on what terms I don't really know. I just glad to see that people I know are doing great. I'm doing great as well I just need more understanding under my belt and that there are things/people I can't change.

I have gained weight, that is not new but I don't want it to continue. I'd rather save money than save fat. Working on that this year, which means less coffee to control the acid in my stomach and lessen the feeling of hunger or the need to fill my belly up to contain the acid.

I was not able to make a Happy New Year photo as the biggest heartbreak happened by the end of the year, my grandmother died. So yap, I do hope 2019 is better! I can't claim it I'm not that assertive...

I will try to write more. I do have a few things to review like the first vlogmas I did. No! I will not do again hahaha. Plus food places I have been too!

I just hope you are all doing better and is happy. Sometimes seeing people close to me happy is enough. Don't tell me to cheer up, it just makes me feel that you only notice me when I'm sad.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Backride Diaries: Windmill Farm Pililla, Rizal

Do you want to see windmills with our going to Ilocos? Now you can! Located in Pililla, Rizal the Windmill Farm is the place you need! There are a total of 5 windmill farms in the country at the moment, 3 in Ilocos, 1 in Mindoro and this one.

The construction of this area started in 2013 and was complete in 2016. It has 27 windmills that can generate 54MW of wind power per year which can support 66,000 households in the Metro.

Since its opening, it has been reported that 130,000 visitors come per week. It is turning into a proper tourist destination with the Visitors' Center helping people learn more about wind-generated energy and enjoying the view of the sea and the windmills.

Here is a map from the Antipolo Cathedral to the Windmill Farm. I hope you will be able to visit sometime. Plus, it is free!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Shortening the distance: Meeting the Site Leader at Schneider Electric

2018-06-19 21.44.35.jpg

Thursday, September 13, I got to know more about the company and the site leader. The session or meeting was called Shortening the distance. It was the HR's idea on how they can show that Zandro or Z the site leader is approachable and down to earth.

The introductions were short and the main topic is how we can make the office and the work world-class. Z explained that the rules being implemented right now are for people that might be abusing some of the benefits they are getting from the company.

As stated in this post this office is a BPO but does not really follow all the rules there is in a normal BPO office. Z wants a few adjustments to that to be able to get to his vision of being world-class.

The facilities are being upgraded, as it is one of the things he has noticed with other BPO offices. He was to balance it out. If I got this idea correctly, he wants to adopt the good things from both the in-house contact center and a BPO office. Also, he does not mind if you are sleeping in the production area as long as you are on break, it is his way of compensating as we do not have sleeping quarters.

Plans for better facilities and medical benefits are on the way too. To be honest, I think that one hour with the director is great, it really made me feel that I was lucky to finally get to work with this company.

Monday, September 10, 2018

How do you answer the question, "Are we okay?"

I don't really know after all, okay for me is not a state of something. It is not positive nor negative unless you add the tone of your voice to it. You need to factor in as well, how your listener will take it. We are so used to getting okay as a good reply when in fact there will always be more to it.

Take the photo above as a sample, one of them can be asking if the other is okay. The simple answer will be "yes, I'm okay." The question should be "How are you holding up?" or "Do you think we can find something here we can use to stay afloat?" This might be overthinking for other but this is a better question than the one on the title. There is more concern on those question.

What if there are really close to somewhere safe, "Are you okay?" is fine as long as there is a follow up like "can you still swim towards the shore or boat?"

Whatever the situation don't settle for an "I'm okay!" or "We're okay." reply.